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A story, a journey, some context

Music was my first love, I have to admit. But in 2022, I made a conscious decision to dive into the world of art. It’s hard to pinpoint what triggered this shift or what inspired me to take the plunge. Art is something I hadn’t formally studied or pursued beyond a few doodles on pages. However, I did get lost in them sometimes coming to think of it.

As of the time I’m writing this(25.09.2023), I’ve spent the last year continuing my exploration of the art world. I chose to share my findings, and to my astonishment, my work began to gain attention. Perhaps it was because I was using the Endless Paper app, which definitely wasn’t trending at the time haha. Nevertheless, I seized the opportunity and did what all those motivational videos taught me: I focused. I got my life together, I abandoned bad habits, I redefined my approach, and…just kidding! But I did persist in creating more pieces, adding them to my Endless Gallery—a term I hold dear despite its lack of uniqueness.

In all seriousness, I have developed a deep passion for creating art. The ability to translate my thoughts into visuals, to experiment with shape design, form, value , animation, and to see the world through new, artistic eyes exhilarates me.

So, here we are, as I continue to explore the uncharted territories of creativity, driven by my love for experience and the arts. I invite you to join me, take a seat, and embark on this journey through my Evolution of Art.

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