Endless Gallery

Explore your favourite shows and entertainment through the Endless Experience. From cartoons to your favourite video games. More content and original stories coming soon. 

Please note : Use two fingers to zoom in and out whilst in The Endless Gallery

How it works ?

After clicking on the promptly named button, ‘Enter The Endless Gallery’, you will be transported to the Endless Gallery through a magical portal ;). When you arrive at your destination, pinch with two fingers to explore The Wall. Can you find every piece without reference? If you do struggle, visit June’s social media for hints on where to go next. More puzzles coming mwahaha

The Endless Canvas begins with your inspiration. You request an idea, a theme, or even a specific image, and I take it from there. Using the magic of Endless Paper, I meticulously create the piece, one zoom and one stroke at a time.

Please note

1. The web experience has to be updated manually, you will notice canvases on social media that are not on The Wall. 

2. You must be following to make requests/vote. Please follow : junelizonart

Vote for the next Endless Canvas

Voting is now CLOSED for Canvas no.13. Votes are based on most popular comments on TikTok

Winner – Regular Show (Coming soon)

Voting for Canvas no.14 will be announced soon.